New: South Korea’s SK Inc share price soar by 16% after an unexpected court victory

Shares of SK Inc., a major South Korean conglomerate, soared by 16% on Thursday following a court ruling that ordered Chairman Chey Tae-won to pay 1.38 trillion Korean won ($1 billion) to his estranged wife, Roh Soh-yeong, in a divorce settlement. The final amount was lower than the 2 trillion won initially sought by Roh, which likely contributed to the positive market response, with shares closing over 9% higher.

Market Impact and Company Overview

SK Inc. is a prominent technology conglomerate, holding significant stakes in SK Hynix, a leading memory chip producer, and SK Telecom, a major mobile network provider. The stock surge reflects investor relief over the settlement amount, which is lower than expected, reducing uncertainty for the company.

The legal dispute began in 2015 after Chey admitted to having a child out of wedlock, leading to his divorce filing in 2017. During the trial, Roh’s lawyers claimed that her late father, former South Korean President Roh Tae-woo, provided funds in the 1990s that helped grow SK Inc., a claim denied by Chey’s legal team.


  1. Settlement Amount: The court-ordered settlement of 1.38 trillion won is significantly lower than the 2 trillion won initially sought, which has positively influenced investor sentiment.
  2. Share Performance: SK Inc. shares surged by up to 16% before closing over 9% higher, reflecting market optimism.
  3. Company Stability: The resolution of this high-profile case may reduce legal uncertainties, allowing SK Inc. to focus on its core operations and strategic growth.

Broader Market Context

The outcome of this divorce case comes at a time when South Korean conglomerates are navigating complex economic conditions. The market’s response underscores the importance of resolving high-stakes legal disputes to maintain investor confidence and company stability.

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