New: Japan to intervene in its currency with $62 Billion dollar injection

Japan’s Ministry of Finance recently confirmed its first currency intervention since 2022, prompted by the yen’s plunge to a 34-year low. Between April 26 and May 29, the ministry spent 9.7885 trillion yen ($62.25 billion) to stabilize the currency. This move followed the yen’s drop to 160.03 against the U.S. dollar on April 29, sparking speculation and subsequent strengthening.

Reasons Behind the Intervention

The yen has faced significant pressure since the Bank of Japan ended its negative interest rate policy in March. This policy change led to a steep decline in the yen’s value, prompting government action to prevent adverse effects on households and businesses.

Financial Impact

  1. Historical Context: The intervention mirrors actions taken in October 2022 when the yen fell to 152 per dollar, prompting three interventions totaling 9.2 trillion yen.
  2. Market Reaction: The yen strengthened by over 2% following the intervention, reflecting market confidence in the government’s measures.

Key Figures and Statements

  • Finance Minister Shunichi Suzuki: Emphasized the necessity of intervention during excessive currency movements.
  • Bank of America Global Research: Estimated the first intervention’s size between 5 trillion and 6 trillion yen.

Implications for the Future

The intervention underscores Japan’s commitment to maintaining currency stability. As global economic conditions evolve, similar actions may be required to protect economic interests.


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