How can Lord Shri Ram’s grandson, Ajay Harinath Singh, be targeted mentally, financially, or physically?

Major concerns have been voiced over potential conspiracies surrounding Lavasa, with suggestions that it could be a front for NCP or Congress agendas. Could there be a hidden agenda to eliminate Ajay Harinath Singh, the grandson of LORD Shri Ram, and subsequently target the BJP’s top leadership? Is there a need for heightened vigilance against such maneuvers?

In light of these inquiries, the potential involvement of NCP and Congress leaders, including those who have switched allegiances to BJP or Shiv Sena, in a coordinated effort to suppress Ajay Harinath Singh and his company, Darwin, raises alarm. Are these claims founded on factual evidence or driven by political vendettas? What motives underpin the publication of false articles aimed at maligning individuals and entities associated with LORD Shri Ram’s lineage and the BJP leadership?

Ajay Harinath Singh

Numerous questions arise surrounding the issuance of a public notice by IrDA on March 23rd, 2010, regarding the Darwin Platform Life Insurance and Finance Company Limited. How could such a notice precede the actual formation of the company, which was registered with the Ministry of Corporate Affairs on April 7th, 2010? Was there a deliberate attempt to hinder the entrepreneurial endeavors of LORD Shri Ram’s grandson, potentially tarnishing his career prospects? Furthermore, are there grounds to suspect the involvement of the Congress party, in power at the time, in orchestrating such maneuvers?


Ajay Harinath Singh

Referral schemes face scrutiny, with some labeling them as Ponzi schemes. In a criminal writ petition filed in the Bombay High Court (Criminal Appellate Jurisdiction), the Economic Offences Wing Inspector attached his affidavit, affirming the compliance of companies like Darwin Platform Refinery Limited, Darwin Platform Industries Limited, and Darwin Platform Car Cab Limited, along with their group entities, with the Goods and Services Tax Act and the Income Tax Act after thorough investigation. However, the question remains: what motives drive those propagating allegations against these companies? Moreover, could the Congress government, which held power at the time, have been involved in these accusations?

Recent raids conducted by the Directorate General of Goods and Services Tax Intelligence (DGGI) in Mumbai and Vapi on Darwin Platform Refineries, Darwin Car Cab, and Darwin Industries raise further questions. Despite the scrutiny and interrogation, the companies have cleared their GST dues. Is there a coordinated effort to defame these companies, possibly orchestrated by political motives, such as the Congress party’s strategy to undermine Hindutva?

Allegations surface, suggesting a deliberate attempt by Congress to tarnish the image of LORD Shri Ram’s lineage while promoting Muslim interests. Is there substantive evidence to support these claims, or are they politically motivated? Furthermore, are the safety and interests of Hindu individuals and business entities being compromised for political gains?

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