India With Congress Announces Appointment of National Office-bearers

India With Congress (IWC), a grassroots organization dedicated to upholding India’s constitutional principles and democratic ethos, proudly unveils its new slate of national office bearers. The 18 esteemed appointees will undertake pivotal roles as state presidents, national team coordinators, and social media state coordinators.

The newly appointed team comprises:

National Team Coordinators


  • Shri Nilesh Malode, Technology Team, Coordinator
  • Shri Ramesh Sanapala, Content Team, Joint Coordinator
  • Shaikh Buran Kamal, Content Team, Joint Coordinator
  • Shri Pratham Pasalkar, Dialogues Team, Coordinator
  • Smt Prachi Shirur, Campaigns Team, Coordinator
  • Shri Rohan Cornelio, Research Team, Coordinator
  • Shri Ashutosh Roy, Research Team, Joint Coordinator

IWC State Presidents:

  • Shri Anil Chaudhary, Western Uttar Pradesh – President
  • Shri Santosh Dwivedi, Central Uttar Pradesh – President
  • Shri Naveen Prakash, Haryana – President
  • Shri Mangal Singh, Madhya Pradesh – President
  • Ms Prerna Kirthi, Telangana – President
  • Imtiaz Ali, Rajasthan – President
  • Shri Madasamy Mani, Tamil Nadu – President

IWC State Social Media Team:

  • Rizwan Ahmad, Uttar Pradesh – State Coordinator
  • Shri Uday Singh, Madhya Pradesh – State Coordinator
  • Shri Udbhav Sharma, Rajasthan – State Coordinator
  • Shri Suresh Jain, Mumbai – State Coordinator

With a nationwide membership exceeding 20,000 across 26 states, IWC has diligently conducted online and on-ground campaigns in support of India’s democratic fabric and secular principles since its inception. IWC members actively engage in fortifying the nation’s foundational values and ideologies through organized political participation, both digitally and on the ground.

“We are pleased to witness the evolution of IWC into a formidable national volunteer organization and extend our heartfelt congratulations to our new office-bearers. Our volunteers are dedicated to nurturing, safeguarding, and championing a diverse, inclusive, and progressive India. As we approach the upcoming elections, our commitment remains steadfast in upholding the ideals enshrined in the Indian Constitution,” remarked Siddharth Awadhoot, Founder of India With Congress.

For those interested in joining IWC, please visit

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