Fashion Elite Anna Stukkert and Forbes France CEO Dominique Busso spotted at OniriQ Fashion Show

In the center: Model Magda Swider (left), Dominique Busso (center), Anna Stukkert (right)

The OniriQ Fashion Show 2024, which took place in Paris on February 28th, has marked its presence as a significant event on the international fashion scene. In partnership with Forbes France, this event attracted key figures in the fashion industry, including the notable entrepreneur and fashion icon Anna Stukkert. Hosted at the illustrious Bridge Club on Pont Alexander III, the show was more than a mere display of fashion; it was a grandiose celebration of emerging designers’ artistry and innovation.

Anna Stukkert right with Designer Abeer Stouhi Glamoda left

Dominique Busso, CEO of Forbes France and the brain behind OniriQ Magazine, reflected on the magazine’s journey and its impact on the fashion landscape. “Many doubted the success of my magazine at its inception. Yet, after a year and a half, 60 issues, and now a fashion show, we are evidently on a successful path. This is just the beginning of many more shows to come,” he remarked, capturing the evening’s triumphant spirit.

The American musician and fashion entrepreneur Pharrell Williams has been named the creative director of Louis Vuitton menswear and on the cover of OniriQ Magazine with magazine ambassador Magda Swider

OniriQ Magazine, a venture of 360 Business Media, was launched a year and a half ago, bringing a novel perspective to the luxury domain and appealing to a discerning and diverse readership. The magazine, focusing on Luxury, Art, and Pleasures, aspires to honor and celebrate the art of living, excellence, and unmatched craftsmanship in luxury sectors. France, until OniriQ’s inception, lacked a magazine specializing in luxury. Busso aimed to fill this gap with a distinctive publication, developed by a French team skilled in covering subjects of excellence.


Model Magda Swider

Initially launched as a quarterly publication, OniriQ Magazine soon expanded its influence in both print and digital realms. This year, OniriQ took a significant step by organizing its own fashion events during Paris Fashion Week, offering a stage for emerging designers to display their creativity.

The fashion show spotlighted collections from three dynamic designers: Glamoda Style, Maison Laurette, and Thalie Paris. Abeer Stouhi of Glamoda Style inaugurated the show with her collection that included eye-catching khaki jumpsuits, vibrant red dresses, and elegant black and white outfits, captivating the audience with her dynamic designs.

Maison Laurette, under Laure Fessard’s direction, dazzled with an impressive hat collection, drawing inspiration from the chic style of women in the 1920s and 1930s. The collection varied in shapes and materials, climaxing with a stunning bridal hat piece.

Thalie Paris concluded the show, presenting its eco-conscious high-end leather goods. Models showcased bags decorated with pearls, red leather, feathers, and rhinestones, reflecting the brand’s commitment to sustainable luxury.

The evening progressed with a cocktail reception and a gala dinner, providing a platform for guests to discuss the show, network, and explore new avenues in the fashion industry.

Dominique Busso views this event as a pioneering step for OniriQ Magazine. His vision is to establish the magazine as a key player in the fashion ecosystem, spotlighting new talents and becoming a critical platform for enthusiasts of luxury, fashion, and art. With ambitions to extend globally, OniriQ Magazine is engaged in talks to launch localized editions in various countries. The magazine is set to make another significant appearance at the Cannes Festival, promising more fashion shows and a continued celebration of emerging talent.

The OniriQ Fashion Show 2024 in Paris has set a new precedent in the fashion world, especially with the participation of figures like Anna Stukkert. It stands as a testament to the evolving and vibrant nature of the fashion industry, emphasizing the importance of nurturing and celebrating new and diverse design voices.

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