Humanitarian Supplies Delivered by US Military Aircraft to Gaza

On Saturday, March 2, the United States initiated an emergency humanitarian operation over the Gaza Strip, deploying three military cargo aircraft to drop essential food supplies. This operation was confirmed by a representative of the US Central Command, speaking to AFP under the condition of anonymity. The move comes as Gaza grapples with escalating humanitarian needs amidst ongoing conflict.

The mission involved three US Air Force C-130 aircraft, which successfully delivered 66 bundles of pork-free meals to the civilian population in Gaza on Saturday afternoon. While the total weight of the aid packages was not disclosed, this action signifies a significant international response to the crisis.

The decision to airlift aid directly into Gaza was announced by President Joe Biden the day before the airdrop, following a tragic incident where over 100 Palestinians lost their lives while attempting to access an aid convoy on Thursday. This incident underscored the dire situation in northern Gaza, which has been severely impacted by the conflict since Hamas’ attack on Israel on October 7. The United Nations has raised alarms about the potential for famine in the area.


Amidst these developments, President Biden has been advocating for a reduction in civilian casualties and the facilitation of humanitarian aid into Gaza, all while continuing to support Israel, a principal ally of the United States. The U.S. National Security Council, through spokesman John Kirby, revealed plans for a series of airdrops intended to extend over several weeks. Kirby highlighted the complexity and risks associated with such a military operation, emphasizing the meticulous planning undertaken by the Pentagon to ensure the safety of Gazan civilians and US military personnel alike.

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