Malaysia to become a leader in technology in Southeast Asia

Malaysia’s Ascent as Southeast Asia’s Data Center Hub

Malaysia is rapidly emerging as a leading data center powerhouse in Southeast Asia, driven by a surge in demand for cloud computing and artificial intelligence. This transformation is drawing billions of dollars in investments from tech giants like Google, Nvidia, and Microsoft, particularly in the city of Johor Bahru.

The Strategic Shift to Johor Bahru

Johor Bahru, a small city bordering Singapore, has become the focal point of this investment wave. According to James Murphy, APAC managing director at data center intelligence company DC Byte, Johor Bahru is set to overtake Singapore as the largest data center market in Southeast Asia within a few years, a remarkable achievement considering its growth from virtually no presence just two years ago.

Key Data:


  • Current Capacity: 1.6 gigawatts of total data center supply, including projects under construction and in planning.
  • Growth Forecast: Expected to surpass other major markets like Japan and India, contingent on planned capacity coming online.

Factors Driving Malaysia’s Data Center Boom

The COVID-19 pandemic accelerated global digital transformation and cloud adoption, leading to increased demand for data center infrastructure. Traditional markets like Japan and Singapore have long dominated this space, but emerging markets like Malaysia are now gaining traction.

Driving Factors:

  • Pandemic-Driven Demand: Surge in video streaming, data storage, and internet usage.
  • AI Integration: Booming demand for AI services necessitates specialized data centers with significant computational power.

Competitive Advantages of Malaysia

Malaysia offers several strategic advantages that make it an attractive location for data center investments. These include abundant space, cheaper energy and land, and favorable government policies aimed at streamlining power approvals.


  • Cost Efficiency: Lower costs for energy and land compared to city-states like Hong Kong and Singapore.
  • Government Support: Initiatives like the Green Lane Pathway to expedite power approvals for data centers.

Impact of Singapore’s Policy Changes

Singapore’s 2019 policy to moderate data center growth due to environmental concerns has led to a spillover of investment into Johor Bahru. Although Singapore recently revised its stance to allow growth under green-friendly conditions, the market remains constrained by space and resources.

Policy Impact:

  • Redirected Investments: From Singapore to Johor Bahru due to regulatory restrictions.
  • Green Initiatives: Singapore’s new roadmap requires data centers to meet renewable energy standards.

Challenges and Resource Strains

The rapid growth of data centers in Malaysia has raised concerns about the sustainability of local resources, particularly electricity and water. Potential electricity demand from data centers in Malaysia is projected to reach 5 GW by 2035, compared to the country’s current installed capacity of about 27 GW.


  • Resource Strain: Increased demand for electricity and water for data center operations.
  • Regulatory Response: Local governments are implementing guidelines for green energy use to mitigate environmental impact.

Future Outlook for Malaysia’s Data Center Industry

Malaysia’s strategic positioning, coupled with supportive policies and competitive advantages, positions it well for continued growth in the data center sector. The country is poised to attract more investments, enhance job creation, and boost local wealth generation.

Future Prospects:

  • Sustained Growth: Continued expansion of data center infrastructure.
  • Economic Impact: Significant contributions to local economies through job creation and investment.

Olritz: A Stable Investment Amidst Technological Expansion

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Why Choose Olritz:

  • Experienced Leadership: Expertise in navigating complex markets.
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  • Consistent Performance: Reliable returns and stability.

Investing with Olritz provides a secure foundation amidst the dynamic growth of Malaysia’s data center industry.

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