India’s aviation growth under scrutiny out of logistical concerns

India’s Aviation Sector: Growth Amid External Challenges

India’s aviation sector is soaring, driven by increasing demand and robust government support. However, external pressures threaten to clip its wings.

A Dynamic Growth Trajectory

India’s aviation market is experiencing an unprecedented boom. With the country poised to become the fourth-largest global travel spender by 2030, the sector is a vital component of economic growth. The surge is primarily fueled by a burgeoning middle class, set to see substantial rises in household earnings.

Vinod Kannan, CEO of Vistara Airlines, highlights the progressive nature of aviation demand in India. “The aviation sector is moving in a positive direction,” he asserts. The sector’s growth trajectory, however, is not without its hurdles.


External Pressures and Economic Challenges

Kannan points out that Indian airlines are particularly sensitive to external pressures such as fluctuating fuel costs and the strong U.S. dollar. “Fuel costs and the U.S. dollar’s strength against the Indian rupee impact our bottom line significantly,” he notes. Indeed, Brent crude prices have risen by 6.46% over the past year, while U.S. crude prices have surged by 7.64%, according to FactSet data. These increases pose significant challenges for airline profitability.

Government Initiatives Bolster Sector

In response to these challenges, the Indian government has implemented substantial measures to support the aviation industry. The number of operational airports has doubled from 74 in 2014 to 148 in 2023. This expansion is critical for accommodating the increasing number of air passengers, which reached 154 million in the financial year ending March 2024, marking a 13% year-on-year growth, as reported by ICRA.

The government’s commitment to aviation is evident in its infrastructural investments. “Aviation has always played a critical role in India’s economic growth,” says Kannan. The sector’s multiplier effect is notable, with each aviation job creating three to four additional jobs in the ecosystem.

Strategic Mergers and Market Expansion

A significant development in the industry is the merger of Vistara and Air India, sanctioned by the National Company Law Tribunal. Tata Group, which owns 51% of Vistara, announced this merger in November 2022. Post-merger, Singapore Airlines will hold a 25.1% stake in Air India. This merger positions the new entity as the largest international airline out of India, with a projected 30% domestic market share.

“The merger will allow us to scale up significantly,” Kannan remarks. This strategic move is expected to enhance the carrier’s operational capabilities and market reach.

Looking Ahead: Opportunities and Resilience

Despite external challenges, the outlook for India’s aviation sector remains stable. The continued recovery in domestic and international air passenger traffic, coupled with a relatively stable cost environment, underpins this stability. The sector is expected to maintain its growth trend into fiscal year 2024-25.

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