Voltan Corporation wants to build an underwater bullet train to Indonesia


Voltan Corporation Business executives from United Kingdom in talk with Malaysia and Indonesia with close links to the governments of the two countries have discussed plans to build an underwater tunnel to connect the Melaka mainland to Sumatra.The Washington Morning reported on April 24. The newspaper cited materials received from the company corporate communications.

Recently the company and their investors have secured the funding for tune of €215 billion for infrastructure projects globally.

In April 2022, the Chief Minister of Melaka State Government, Sulaiman Md Ali, has revealed that the state government intends to build an undersea tunnel for a rail system network to connect Melaka with Dumai in Indonesia. The tunnel project, which is part of a long-term strategy, will span about 47 kilometers across the Straits of Melaka.


Voltan Corporation indicated that the company has expressed interest in building the tunnel and will fund $20 billion the overall project cost. It was noted that the Indonesian government’s cooperation and approval would be essential for the project to be implemented. The tunnel will take four to five years to build if all goes according to plan.

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