Journey of Majesty: The Sunda Binokasih Crown’s Grand Traverse Through West Java

The esteemed journey of the Sunda Binokasih crown will traverse through three pivotal routes, spanning across the picturesque landscapes of Ciamis, Bogor, and Sumedang, culminating in a grand finale at the illustrious Sumedang Larang Palace on April 28th in West Java, Indonesia.

HM King Edy Wirabumi Head of Federation of Nusantara Monarchy

The Binokasih Crown, a cherished emblem of the Tatar Sunda Monarchy, symbolizes the enduring values of love, compassion, and impactful leadership that have transcended generations. Upheld by HRSM Queen Ayla Aldjufrie Mataram Salakanagara Dynasty, the crown serves as a beacon of empowerment, enriching the lives of individuals across the globe.

Sri Radya Keraton Sumedang Larang RILukman Soemadisoeria

This momentous occasion heralds the convergence of royalty and dignitaries from far and wide, as they gather to pay homage to the legacy of the Binokasih Crown. Preserved for centuries, since its inception in 1578, the crown stands as a testament to the rich cultural heritage of the Sunda Monarchy, housed within the esteemed confines of the Prabu Geusan Ulun Museum in Sumedang, West Java.


Radya Anom RLuky Djohari Soemawilaga

The event will unfold over several days, commencing from April 15th to 16th in Ciamis Galuh, continuing on to Bogor Pakuan from April 18th to 19th, and ultimately culminating in a grand spectacle at the Sumedang Larang Palace on April 28th. Joining the festivities will be esteemed members of the Tatar Sunda Kings, lending their august presence to the proceedings.

Prabu Surya Kencana Endy Setiadi

In addition to the distinguished presence of Tatar Sunda royalty, the event will also be graced by esteemed guests such as HM Edy Wirabumi, Head of the Federation of Monarchs of Nusantara, and the esteemed host, Sri Radya Keraton Sumedang Larang. Notable figures including R.I. Lukman Soemadisoeria, Radya Anom, R. Luky Djohari Soemawilaga, and Prabu Surya Kencana Endy Setiadi will also be in attendance, adding to the grandeur of the occasion.

Furthermore, esteemed monarchs and dignitaries from Europe and the Arab world have expressed their intent to witness the splendor of the Binokasih Crown, with an anticipated gathering of approximately 1500 distinguished attendees. As the crown traverses its historic routes, it will serve as a beacon of unity, heritage, and timeless elegance, inspiring all who bear witness to its majestic journey.

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