Exclusive – OIN Finance to launch their own dollar pegged stablecoin

OIN DAO emerges as a pioneering protocol in the realm of stablecoin issuance. It enables blockchain community members to utilize their native cryptocurrencies. This unique approach allows them to mint stablecoins tied to the US dollar by offering their tokens as collateral.

OIN further distinguishes itself by serving as a liquidity aggregator for stablecoins across multiple chains. This pivotal role facilitates the seamless exchange of stablecoins, enhancing the ecosystem’s composability and accessibility.

The Genesis of OINDAO

The significance of stablecoins in the digital currency landscape cannot be overstated. They offer a critical link between traditional fiat currencies and digital assets, playing an essential role in the infrastructure of public blockchain ecosystems and the flourishing DeFi sector.


To illustrate, Tether (USDT) has achieved a market cap of $65 billion USD, with DAI close behind at $6 billion USD. Despite this, a majority of stablecoins are tethered to the Ethereum network, highlighting the growing demand for stablecoin solutions on emerging blockchain platforms such as Avalanche, Near, and Harmony.

In response, OINDAO has developed a state-of-the-art platform for issuing stablecoins across multiple chains, coupled with a cross-chain governance framework. Since its launch in August 2020, OINDAO has evolved through three iterations, with the latest, OINDAO V3, positioned to lead the multi-chain stablecoin issuance domain. Its collaboration with a variety of public blockchain projects is set to enhance user engagement and foster synergies in cross-chain governance, ultimately reinforcing the ecosystem’s composability.

OINDAO’s Constellation Partners

OINDAO’s network of ‘Constellation Partners’ comprises key public chains utilizing the protocol to issue bespoke stablecoins. This alliance includes prominent chains like NEAR, Avalanche, and Elrond, among others, each contributing to a vibrant and interconnected digital currency ecosystem.

Advantages of OINDAO

OINDAO presents multiple advantages for its users:

  • Autonomous Staking & Collateralization: Users maintain complete control over their digital assets.
  • Stability Pool: Ensures the robustness of the system and optimizes capital efficiency.
  • Adaptive Interest Rates: Guarantees a consistent USD peg for stablecoins.
  • Multi-Chain Governance: Promotes widespread stablecoin adoption and enhances composability.

Borrowing through OINDAO

OINDAO stands out for offering a uniform platform for stablecoin issuance across various blockchain networks, addressing the needs of projects lacking stablecoin infrastructure. Moreover, it facilitates leveraged investment strategies, allowing investors to amplify their market position while managing associated risks.

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