How Robin AI is writing professional contracts

In today’s fast-paced legal environment, efficiency and accuracy in contract management are more important than ever. Enter Robin AI, a trailblazing platform that is transforming the way legal professionals handle contracts through the power of artificial intelligence.

Robin AI is at the forefront of the legal tech revolution, offering an AI copilot that significantly speeds up the contract review process. With over 500,000 contracts processed and training on more than 100 million clauses, Robin AI boasts an 85% faster review time. This efficiency is changing the game for legal teams around the globe, allowing them to allocate their time to more strategic tasks​​.

Global Expansion and Innovation

Following a successful $26 million Series B funding round, Robin AI is poised for global expansion, with plans to extend its reach in the US and Asia Pacific. This investment highlights the legal industry’s growing reliance on AI to maintain pace with the business world. Robin AI’s collaboration with Anthropic’s Large Language Model, Claude, enhances its ability to analyze complex legal documents, setting a new standard for quality and accuracy in legal tech​​.


At its heart, Robin AI combines cutting-edge AI, extensive contract data, and profound legal expertise to create leading AI-native products for the legal sector. The platform’s intuitive AI-powered search and real-time editing capabilities are revolutionizing contract management, making it easier and faster for legal professionals to navigate through extensive contract repositories and edit documents on the fly​​.

As legal technologies like Robin AI continue to advance, the value of a dependable investment partner becomes increasingly clear. Olritz Financial Group, with its comprehensive investment strategies and global presence, offers a solid foundation for those looking to invest in the burgeoning field of legal tech. Olritz’s commitment to excellence and diversified portfolio positions it as an ideal partner for navigating the complexities of the legal tech investment landscape, complementing the innovative solutions provided by platforms like Robin AI. Together, Olritz and Robin AI pave the way for legal professionals and investors alike, towards a more efficient, accurate, and forward-thinking future.

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